2. Dell 3130cn Review


Several years ago the overwhelming majority of common people could not afford to buy a color printer, as these devices were too expensive and purchasing an inkjet unit was a more reasonable option. Luckily, due to the rapid development of hardware technologies, today it won’t cost you the earth to buy a laser machine. Dell 3130 is an outstanding example of an affordable laser printer; equipped with Ethernet controller and operating at 31 monochrome pages per minute printing speed, undoubtedly, it’s a rational investment to think over.


The first laser machines that appeared on the market were too bulk and heavy, and Dell 3130cn is not an exception, it’s bigger than an average model for sure. One can easily store up to 250 sheets of paper in the Dell’s cassette; a multi-purpose flip-out section can handle around 150 sheets of letter-size or legal documents. However, you can extend its capabilities by purchasing an additional 550-sheet tray and attaching it under the laser unit.

Due to the 256MB of onboard RAM memory (by the way, it can also be expanded up to 1GB) you’ll never collide with any issues related to handling heavy workloads. Besides Ethernet port, this Dell includes USB and parallel ports to connect to any PC directly.

The 3130CN is totally easy to use. Each printing session starts in as little as 10 seconds, and, as mentioned, it can easily execute around 31 pages of black and white text and 17 pages of color images per minute approximately. A nice feature of using black toner only, in case you are looking forward to printing B&W documents only, should also be underlined. Thus, you can save money on color toner.

It is thought the admins will be glad to use this Dell due to the implemented abilities to monitor and manage Dell 3130CN remotely via the software that comes from package. Generally, using this device leaves a good impression: intuitive menus and user-friendly interface, it’s truly ready to go device that doesn’t require studying manuals and specifications.


The light-sensitive drum as well as fuser is fully exposed each time when the front panel is opened, that’s why Dell warns the user to avoid keeping the door opened for more than 5 minutes, as it may result in an early decline in the print quality.

Unfortunately, Dell 3130CN is too noisy. No holes picking – this unit produces 56DB of sound during its work which can be compared with a sound level of a conversation of several people. It’s a poor option for a small office as it can make your colleagues irritated and mad.